Bottega Ditalia Dark Chocolate Amaretti Cookie Crumble Bark
This Bottega Ditalia specialty is made with authentic Amaretti cookies from Saronno, Italy, paired with a velvety 52% fair trade dark chocolate. The flavor is a delicate balance between bitterness and sweetness.

Meliora Bruschette Crackers
Meliora's bruschette is oven-baked in Southern Italy. It's toasted, rubbed with garlic, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, and seasoned with salt and pepper. Bruschette can begin a meal as a part of an antipasti spread, or can be served as part of a main course of a casual dinner.

Volpi Sliced Traditional Prosciutto Americano (x2)
Volpi Prosciutto Americano is made using the same old-world method as traditional Italian prosciutto ham that originates in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. The result is a softer, sweet flavor that melts in your mouth.

Le Dolcezze Di Nanni Pistachio and Almond Cantuccini
Dolcezze di Nanni adds fresh pistachio and almonds to their classic, crunchy cantuccini. For an authentic Tuscan experience, dip cantucci in sweet vin santo wine. Or perk up your breakfast routine with some cantuccini and orange juice!

Bertozzi Parmigiano Reggiano (Solo di Bruna)
Bertozzi Parmigiano-Reggiano Solo di Bruna is made according to traditions dating back to the Middle Ages. Using milk from brown cows, or, “Bruna," this cheese has high casein content than your typical Parmigiano, lending this cheese an exceptionally creamy flavor.

Volpi Cacciatore Salami
Volpi Cacciatore is a Hunter's Style, Italian Dry Salame. Bold and rich, it is perfect sliced thickly with some crunchy bread and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. This is a great salame for those who love a bold flavor. An all natural product with no nitrates.

Volpi Romano Salami
Volpi Romano Salame is a lightly seasoned salami surrounded by ground black pepper and fully dry-cured to enhance its intense flavor. Add this unique salami to antipasti dish and impress your guests.

Villa Reale Sicilian Fig Jam
This Villa Reale Sicilian Fig Jam is made using only the highest quality ingredients grown on the island of Sicily. Use it on a slice of cheese or simply spread it on some fresh crusty bread. What makes Villa Reale fig jam so special is its 80% fig content which delivers an earthy, rich fig flavor.

Casina Rossa Mushrooms and Truffle Pate
Casina Rossa Mushrooms and Truffle Pate is a puréed mixture of champignon mushrooms, forest mushrooms, black truffles, vinegar, salt, and essence of white truffle. Try this mushroom spread with appetizers, sides and main dishes. A special accompaniment to eggs and toast.

Asaro Organic Castelvetrano Green Olives
Asaro's Organic Castelvetrano Green Olives are large, with a mild, buttery flavor and subtle sweetness. These green olives hail from Sicily and are of the Nocellara Del Belice varietal. Enjoy with salty cheeses, as a classic table olive, or chopped up in an authentic Pasta Puttanesca. USDA-certified organic and non-GMO certified.

Casina Rossa Sundried Tomato Rolls w/ Pecorino Cheese
Tender and rich Apulian sun-dried tomatoes are rolled around aged Pecorino Romano cheese and seasoned with Mediterranean herbs to create instant bites of sunny southern Italian splendor. Delightful alone but also wonderful when sliced and tossed over short pastas.

Ritrovo Selections Roasted Almonds with Controne Hot Pepper
California fresh almonds by Ricchiuti Family Farms roasted in organic extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with Controne Hot Pepper.  Controne Hot Pepper is a wonderful ground chile from Campania, where they like things spicy!