Tagliatelle - 17.6 oz


This is the ultimate tagliatelle. Made according to family tradition since 1800, Cavalieri's tagliatelli is able to retain any seasoning: thick or thin, The hard durum wheat or semolina used is higher in protein than softer flour types, a result of careful slow drying. This pasta is passed through special bronze dies, designed to create each shape and give the pasta a rough-textured surface to which sauce clings rather than slipping off. Benedetto Cavalieri dries all their pasta in antique ovens and rests them at low temperatures, retaining the naturally nutty flavor and aroma of durum wheat. Match the subtle aroma of this whole wheat pasta to your favorite seafood, vegetables, and meat pasta dishes.


    Since 1800, the Cavalieri Family has been committed to making the finest pastas in the heart of Apulia. From carefully choosing wheat fields, to centuries old bronze dies, Benedetto Cavalieri pastas are truly one of a kind.
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