Lievito - 0.6oz


For the ultimate touch to a dolce (dessert), use Bertolini Lievito Baking Powder. This specialty Italian baking powder is made with vanilla, and is an ideal ingredient to use in sweet breads, cakes, and cookies. You will be pleasantly surprised with the texture, aroma, and flavor Lievito baking powder will add to your desserts.


    The Lombardy region and its principal city of Milan serve as Italy's art and fashion capital. Spanning over varied landscapes from the Swiss Alps to the Po Valley, Lombard cuisine is appreciably different from its counterparts to the south, featuring buttery and meaty dishes more common to Central Europe than the Mediterranean region.


    In 1911, Antonio Bertolini made his first sachet of baking powder against the backdrop of the Turin World's fair. The Bertolini company remains true to that spirit of innovation to this day, with a range products designed to make baking an easy — and delicious — experience.

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