Gluten Free Quick-Cook Trofie Pasta - 8.8 oz


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Gluten-free Trofie pasta, long and short pasta, nests, special and regional shapes, bread and flours are just a part of a vast assortment of gluten-free foods that are produced at the Bioalimenta factory in Fara San Martino. Thier processes are designed to maximise the preservation of the natural characteristics of the raw materials. Non GMO naturally gluten-free ingredients, are skillfully dosed to assure the correct caloric value needed for a healthy diet and for the enjoyment of good food.


    Flanked by the Apennine mountains to the west and the Adriatic Sea to the east, Abruzzo is known for its lush verdure, thriving tourist industry and mild climate. It's cuisine is known to be some of the most diverse in Italy, informed by the traditions of inland farming communities and coastal fishing villages. The result is a welcoming melange of tastes and smells that make Abruzzo truly unique.

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