Traditional Panettone with Raisins in Gift Tin - 2.2 lb


$40 $55

Soft and consistent dough, enhanced, at the end of cooking, by the right browning to the top. Presented in an elegant Cipriani tin and  crafted with natural and the finest quality ingredients. It is characterized by its absence of candied fruit and for its clean taste: flour, butter, eggs, raisins and natural yeast make it a unique dessert. Few ingredients, but incredibly delicious. To enjoy panettone Cipriani at its best we recommend to leave it inside the bag until just before eating it and to serve it at room temperature. Inside the packaging there is a leaflet with recipes for the sweet sauces with which Cipriani serves at all of their restaurants. Thanks to the artisanal manufacturing process it lasts 6 months without the addition of preservatives.


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