Sardinian Torrone with Almonds and Italian Honey - 7 oz.


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The Iacovanelli family (owners of ADI Apicoltura) from Abruzzo, have once again made this holiday treat available to DITALIA. This almond torrone bar is handmade in Sardinia and uses ADI's rich, small-batch honey. Non-GMO, and only organic ingredients. .  Sardinia is renown for producing some of the finest Italian torrone, a naturally sweet nougat made with honey, rather than the more usual refined sugar. Very limited amounts available!


    Situated in the Mediterranean sea, the picturesque island of Sardinia enjoys over 1200 miles of coastline and stunning mountain vistas. The island is also characterized by linguistic, cultural, and culinary traditions distinct from those of the mainland. The diet here is rich in beans of all sort -- including fava, lupine, and chickpeas -- and the wafer-thin traditional bread "carasu."

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