Speck Prosciutto Alto Adige - approx. wt. 1.6 lbs


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Speck Prosciutto is a tender, dry-cured ham that is lightly smoked and seasoned. Recla has produced this specialty in the Italian Alps since 1919. Seasoned with rock salt, sea salt, pickling salt, pepper, juniper berries and various herbs that the family keeps a secret. It is then slowly dry cured for 2 weeks, lightly cold-smoked over beechwood chips, and matured in aging cellars. Simply slice it and serve with crunchy bread, cheese, and roasted vegetables.


    When we think of Trentino, we think of the jagged peaks of the Dolomite mountains, impressive medieval castles, and rolling fields of rich green pasture. The cuisine here blends influences from both the Germanic and Italian worlds. From goulash to cornmeal polenta to sauerkraut, Trentino (pleasantly) challenged our notions of what Italian food could be.


    Recla is a family business with roots in Alto Adige, a province in the mountainous area of Northern Italy. For two generations, spanning over half a century, Recla has been producing traditional Italian Speck using the best quality pig thighs. Perfect for appetizers, sandwiches, salads or pastas, speck is a flavorful testament to the unique character of Alto Adige's cuisine.

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