Sicilian Fig Jam


This Villa Reale Sicilian Fig Jam is made using only the highest quality ingredients grown on the island of Sicily. Use it on a slice of cheese or simply spread it on some fresh crusty bread. What makes Villa Reale fig jam so special is its 80% fig content which delivers an earthy, rich fig flavor.


    The largest of Italy's twenty provinces and the largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily sits just off the "toe" of Italy's boot. Monuments the island's rich history abound, from the famed Valley of the Temples to the immaculate Byzantine mosaics at Cappella Palatina. The cuisine here claims a number of influences from across the Mediterranean world -- Greek, Spanish, French and Arab have all at one point inhabited the island, infusing it with their respective culinary traditions.


    Villa Reale, run by the Licata family of Sicily has been creating authentic, gourmet preserves for over 25 years. Each Villa creation is the product of knowledge gained over generations of preserve-making in the Licata family, using rigorously-selected ingredients and time-honored methods.