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It's no secret that our family loves Italian food. What excites us even more is the chance to share the tastes we discover. Through travel, great conversations and experimenting in our own kitchens, we find truly unique foods, we talk with the people who make our products, and we cook with them every day.

perfect pairings

The Event: Espresso Break

We're Pairing: On those spring afternoons, there's no better way to recharge than with a biscotto and espresso. Brew yourself a cup of the good stuff--Caffe Geraci Sicilian Espresso, that is. It's from our family's hometown of San Giuseppe Jato. Step outside, enjoy the breeze...and shoot the breeze with some friends. The Italian in you will thank you.

Caffe Geraci Sicilian Espresso

The Event: Pasta night with a kick

We're Pairing: If you think you've tried every type of pasta dish, we have something new for you: pasta with a special kick. Just toss your favorite cut of long pasta with D'Aragona Spicy Chilli Pepper Oil. Fruity extra virgin olive oil and spicy chili will have you reaching for seconds...and your glass of water!

D'Aragona Spicy Chilli Pepper Oil

The Event: Cooking Adventure

We're Pairing: In the spring, Sicilians come together to celebrate the feast of St. Joseph and eat Pasta Milanese. Bring the experience of authentic Pasta Milanese into your home with our new adventure kit! You'll learn to make Pasta Milanese like our family does, using fresh ingredients and our family recipe (featured on our blog). A delightful way to welcome the spring

Sicilian Pasta Milanese Kit

The Event: Olive Oil Tasting

We're Pairing: Grassy, fruity, subtle and bold...there's a whole world of extra virgin olive oil out there! The best way to learn what you like is to taste several oils side by side. Invite your friends and family over for an olive oil tasting. Set out some bread and a few olive oils. Taste and compare notes!

New Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oils

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Vincenzo Di Piazza, founder of DITALIA, in Sicily in 1958 before leaving for America.

From Our Family...

...to yours. In 1987, Vincenzo Di Piazza founded DITALIA in St. Louis. From the start, Vincenzo made Ditalia a family business: Our warehouse was full of cousins and nephews talking about Italian foods and shipping out orders. He got to know customers and always invited them over for dinner.

Meet the Team
The dinner table is a special place where everyone's family. It's where good food and company matter, where we gather to talk about things both big and small.
Vince Di Piazza St. Louis, MO

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Let's stay in touch.

Sign up for our latest Italian cooking inspiration and updates on special offers and sales!