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  • Sicilian Assorted Torroncini Nougat

    Sicilian Assorted Torroncini Nougat
    (Fiasconaro) - 8.8 oz

    From the one of the famous and most reputable confectionery bakeries throughout Sicily, come this incredible Sicilian Torroncini assorted gift set.

    This gift box contains an assortment of traditional and classic Sicilian style torrone. Included in the assortment is a variety of milk chocolate... 

    $14.95 SALE $11.00
  • Tutti Frutti Exotic Fruit Panettone Cake

    Tutti Frutti Exotic Fruit Panettone Cake
    (Maina) - 2.2 lbs

    The Maina Tutti Frutti Panettone adds a delicate, exotic flavor to the traditional panettone recipe. Pineapple, papaya and mango fruits grace the Tutti Frutti. Only genuine ingredients are slowly mixed together and allowed to leaven for more than 48 hours, using pure sour dough. Once baked, the Tutt... 

    $19.95 SALE $14.95
  • Ottimo Festa "Ultimate Big Game Feast"

    NEW Ottimo Festa "Ultimate Big Game Feast"
    (DITALIA) - 16 Piece Set

    For your next large gathering, look no further than the Ditalia Ottimo Festa Set. This "ultimate feast" provides everything you'll need to entertain a crowd in style. A variety of Volpi cured meats gives everyone a chance to try Italy's finest cured specialities. Cheeses ranging in texture, flavor... 

    $140.00 SALE $120.00
  • Caffarel Traditional Panettone

    Caffarel Traditional Panettone
    (Caffarel) - 2.2 lb

    Caffarel traditional Milanese panettone is nothing short of extraordinary. From the moment the beautiful paper wrap is opened, the fragrance of high quality candied citrus and raisins will exude an amazing aroma. Once you cut into the panettone and serve, you will immediately recognize the quality ... 

    $49.95 SALE $38.95
  • Fresh Pasta Flour

    Fresh Pasta Flour
    (5 Stagioni) - 35.27 oz

    Le 5 Stagioni ("The 5 Seasons") is the leading brand in Italy for '00' flour and raw products for pizzerias across Italy. Their '00' flour is custom-milled and graded for pizzas, focaccia, and flatbreads. It kneads into a smooth, supple dough that's easy to work with. Stretch it thin for crisp and b... 

    $4.50 SALE $3.00
  • Novello Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Novello Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    (274th) - 17 oz

    Discover extra virgin olive oil all over again! As soon as we tasted this one, we knew right away that it was and is something special. 274 represents the 274th day of the Gregorian calendar, which is October 1st and marks the day when the Aprile brothers begin to harvest this 100% Biancolilla mon... 

    $33.95 SALE $22.50
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