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  • USDA Organic White Truffle Oil

    NEW USDA Organic White Truffle Oil
    (Sabatino) - 3.2 oz

    Truffles are one of the world's most complex and enticing foods. They add the maturity and complexity that refined diners crave. In this truffle seasoning, the rich flavor properties of the white truffle, also known as "the fruit of the woods," is mixed with olive oil.

    Sabatino is the first t... 

    $22.95 SALE $19.05
  • Mozzafiato Savory Almond Topping

    NEW Mozzafiato Savory Almond Topping
    (Ritrovo Selection) - 5 oz

    This savory topping is made from toasted California almonds, sundried tomato shavings, and flakes of sweet pepper. Versatile and zesty. Recommended for salads and cheese plates, especially ones including mozzarella and burrata. 

    $9.95 SALE $8.25
  • Organic Raspberry Jam

    Organic Raspberry Jam
    (Fior di Frutta) - 8.8 oz

    Fiordifrutta is a line of jams and marmalades prepared exclusively from organic products and sweetened with DolceDi apple-juice. Fiordifrutta has all the flavor and goodness of freshly picked fruit. The difference is all of the Fiordifrutta jams and marmalades contain pure organic fruit, apple juice... 

    $6.75 SALE $5.25
  • Espresso (Whole Beans)

    NEW Espresso (Whole Beans)
    (Ara Azzurro) - 2.2 lbs

    Ara Azzurro is a special blend of coffee selected to produce a distinguished espresso with a superb flavor and cream presentation. The beans are hand selected and gently roasted to ensure the Ara Azzuro signature flavor. 

    $23.95 SALE $17.99
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    (Fattoria Suvereto) - 34 oz

    This particular olive oil is the pride and joy of the Sogno Toscano Family. Fattoria Suvereto is made from 100% Frantoio olives that are only harvested from 200 of the 17,000 trees on the estate; making it a very limited production.

    The olives are pressed within three ours of being picked, a... 

    $44.95 SALE $30.95
  • Zanzibar Classico Gianduia and Hazelnut Bar

    NEW Zanzibar Classico Gianduia and Hazelnut Bar
    (Sperlari) - 8.8 oz

    One of Sperlari's specialties, along with a majority of most Piemontese chocolatiers, is the gianduia chocolate. Gianduia is simply hazelnuts and chocolate mixed together with careful ratios. Gianduia was born out of necessity during the Napoleonic Wars, when a halt imports made cacao nearly impos... 

    $9.99 SALE $7.00
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