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  • Sicilian Pasta Milanese Kit (Cooking Adventure Series)

    NEW Sicilian Pasta Milanese Kit (Cooking Adventure Series)

    In the spring, Sicilians come together to celebrate the feast of St. Joseph and eat Pasta Milanese. Inside this exclusive kit, you'll find everything you'll need to create this Sicilian classic with the best ingredients, from handcrafted bucatini to flavorful Ortiz Sardines. We've also created a spe... 

    $ 49.95 | 7 Piece Set
  • Antipasti Adventure Gift Basket

    Antipasti Adventure Gift Basket

    Amazing antipasti sets the stage for every great dinner! This 11 piece gift set is a tour of classic antipasti flavors, from super savory eggplant caponata to nutty aged cheeses. Explore pairing antipasti flavors the Italian way! 

    $ 89.95 | 11 Piece Set
  • Little Bit of Italy Gift Basket

    Little Bit of Italy Gift Basket

    We packed more than a Little Bit of Italy into this incredible gift basket. Open up this wooden basket to discover 14 Italian classics from antipasti to dessert. From savory Italian Pecorino Romano cheese to Sicilian pesto from the South, this basket is a true culinary trip through Italy. Italian ki... 

    $ 120.00 | 15 Piece Set
  • Trattoria DITALIA Gift Basket

    Trattoria DITALIA Gift Basket

    The Trattoria Ditalia Gift Basket is the perfect way to make a big impression with 19 specialty items made by our favorite artisanal producers. Carefully packed with traditional cured meats, imported cheese, 2 pastas, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fine seasonings, antipasti, desserts, and more, this ... 

    $ 260.00 | 19 Piece Set
  • Finest Collection Gift Basket

    Finest Collection Gift Basket

    Special occasions call for truly special gifts. That's why we created the DITALIA Finest Collection Gift Basket, our ultimate tribute to Italian cuisine. This basket contains Italy's finest artisan creations from all across the country. Includes rare Italian cheeses like "Vacche Rosse" Parmigiano fr... 

    $ 395.00 | 25 Piece Set
  • Cheese and Cured Meats Basket

    Cheese and Cured Meats Basket

    A basket of Lovera's finest hand-made cheeses and cured meats. Featuring Lovera's award-winning hickory-smoked sausages, aged sopressata by Volpi, and cheeses from smoked caciocavera to soft, spreadable Caprino. Sun-dried tomatoes, stuffed olives, and bruschette bring out the very best in these spec... 

    $ 84.95 | 9 Piece Set
  • Italian Pesto Experience Basket

    Italian Pesto Experience Basket

    Welcome the summer like Italians do with authentic trofie al pesto! Fresh DOP Genovese Basil pesto and textured Trofie pasta work perfectly together. For a finishing touch, garnish with peppery Frantoio d'Orazio Extra Virgin Olive Oil and earthy Salfiore Di Romagna Salt. The perfect gift for anyone... 

    $ 69.75 | 4 Piece Set
  • Aperitivo Gift Box

    Aperitivo Gift Box

    Picnic indoors or out with this carefully selected collection of ready-to-eat-antipasti. Aged wine-infused salamis, crispy crackers, plump olives, delectable tomatoes, and olive spreads are the perfect aperitivo (before dinner) snack. All presented in our signature gift box. The perfect gift for ad... 

    $ 69.95 | 8 Piece Set
  • Volpi Salami Gift Box

    Volpi Salami Gift Box

    All great meals should start with amazing salami. From antipasti to pizza, Italian salami is a classic way to add an Italian touch to any meal. We selected 6 salume by Volpi that reflect the tradition and old world craftsmanship of artisanal salami. From traditional Genova salami to the creative win... 

    $ 52.95 | 6 Piece Set
  • Antipasti Sampler Gift Box

    Antipasti Sampler Gift Box

    An Italian gourmet celebration is never complete without a great antipasti. It's the best way to start a memorable dinner or casual get together with friends. From specialty salami to hand-braided cheese, this assortment of Italian antipasti is an ideal gift for an effortless appetizer spread. The p... 

    $ 49.95 | 6 Piece Set
  • Simply Elegant Gift Box

    Simply Elegant Gift Box

    Create a lasting impression with award-winning Italian specialties. Our signature gift box includes an elegant assortment of award-winning cheese, crackers, olives, semi-dried cherry tomatoes, salami, classic Italian liquorice, and artisanal honey. An elegant experience from antipasti to dessert. Th... 

    $ 84.95 | 7 Piece Set
  • Finest Collection Gift Box

    Finest Collection Gift Box

    It doesn't get any better than this. We selected 9 of Italy's finest culinary creations for this very special gift box. With two kinds of salami, rare cheese, hand-rolled pasta, DOP pesto, organic balsamic vinegar and olive oil, and a special dessert, this gift box provides unparalleled enjoyment. G... 

    $ 160.00 | 9 Piece Set
  • Italian Sweet Tooth Gift Box

    Italian Sweet Tooth Gift Box

    Our Italian Sweet Tooth Gift box is a sure way to make anyone smile. We included four versatile Italian treats that offer a variety of wonderful flavors and textures. Classic Almond Cantuccini is perfect for dipping in Organic Hazelnut spread. Tart, yet sweet Amarena cherries are fantastic over ice... 

    $ 47.95 | 6 Piece Set
  • Piccolo Assaggio "A Little Taste" Gift Box

    Piccolo Assaggio "A Little Taste" Gift Box

    Introducing the newest gift to our collection. Piccolo Assaggio, meaning "little taste," in Italian is a simple, but beautiful way to share a taste of Italian antipasti. Artisanal Volpi Genova Salami and Gourmet Pepperoni are classic salamis that are perfect for sharing. Unique Lovera Caciocavera ch... 

    $ 34.95 | 4 Piece Set
  • Grilling Essentials Gift Box

    Grilling Essentials Gift Box

    The perfect gift for any avid griller, our Italian Grilling Essentials set includes 3 of our favorite Italian spice rubs and 2 special Italian marinades. From steaks to barbecue pork, this set will inspire creativity at the grill. 

    $ 39.95 | 5 Piece Set
  • Artisan Cheese Sampler Gift Box

    Artisan Cheese Sampler Gift Box

    A new exclusive from Lovera's market. Try four of Lovera's Award Winning Artisan Cheeses, all in one box. 

    $ 41.95 | 2 lbs
  • Chocolate Assortment Gift Set

    NEW Chocolate Assortment Gift Set
    Bottega DITALIA

    Our Bottega DITALIA chocolates put a delicious spin on classic Italian sweets. Enjoy Amarena Cherries enrobed in fine dark chocolate and savor crunchy Amaretti Cookie Crumble Bark. Guaranteed to delight that special someone! 

    $ 29.95 | 2 Piece Set
  • Italian Sweets Gift Basket

    NEW Italian Sweets Gift Basket

    Give that special someone a taste of the best Italian sweets! We selected 11 of our favorite Italian chocolates and desserts, including velvety Caffarel Gianduia, Foglie di Mais Corn cookies with a spoonful of our delicate Moscato Wine Custard, Amarena cherries and much more. Each of these treats a... 

    $ 99.95 | 11 Piece Set

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