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Carnaroli Rice in Tin
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Carnaroli Rice in Tin

(Acquerello) - 17.6 oz

Carnaroli rice from Acquerello is without a doubt one of finest quality Italian rices we have tasted here at DITALIA. The process from start to finish is precisely controlled. Carnaroli is the only variety grown and harvested at the estate in Piedmont, Italy and the entire production is organic. Once harvested, the un-hulled grains are aged in temperature controlled silos from 1 - 3 years. The aging is critical as it makes the the starch, proteins and vitamins less soluble. The end result, is a firm and bigger risotto that doesn't stick together and tastes great.

Risotto lovers here in the USA commonly perceive Arborio to be the preferred choice for making risotto, but in Italy, the Carnaroli grain is actually the one most commonly used and preferred. Why? The first reason is cost. Since carnaroli grows almost twice as tall as arborio, it is expensive to grow, harvest, and export, thus making arborio easier to find in a grocery store. However, your finished risotto will never be as hearty as Carnaroli. Carnaroli can absorb a significant amount of liquid, swelling to 3 times its size. There is no doubt that carnaroli produces a much creamier risotto than arborio, but arborio is still a good choice for traditional risotto dishes. Use carnaroli when you are really wanting something special.

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Apr 26, 2015  |  By Sachin Pannuri
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Recently purchased Acquarello carnations rice to make risotto. Best prices, fast delivery and overall ease made this a great purchase... Very satisfied
Naturally gluten free. Carnaroli rice. Unhusked rough rice aged for at least 1 year. Gently whitened using an exclusive slow method. Restored with its germ by patented process.
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