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Perfect Pizza

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  • Chef's Flour 00

    NEW Chef's Flour 00

    If you want to make a great tasting pizza in a home oven, without a professional pizza oven, this is the ingredient that will make the difference. Not all flours are made equal. With low gluten content, higher protein, this flour provides the "perfect stretch" for pizza. Excellent for pasta, cakes ... 

    $4.50 SALE $ 3.83 | 2.2 lb
  • Parmigiano Reggiano "Aged 24 Months"

    Parmigiano Reggiano "Aged 24 Months"

    Few products in the world are distinguished enough to have their location built into their name, but Parmigiano Reggiano is one of them. Parmigiano-Reggiano is a hard texture cheese, cooked but not pressed. The milk obtained, from cows on a strict regime diet of grass or hay, is exclusively from the... 

    $ 20.00 | 1 lb
  • Sliced Imported Prosciutto D'Italia

    Sliced Imported Prosciutto D'Italia

    Crafted in Italy, brought from Parma to America for you, this prosciutto has a delightful, delicate flavor. Volpi partners with Langhirano's best producer to provide a truly unique offering. Slice very thin and wrap around melon slices, figs or asparagus. Serve with crusty breads, fine cheese and d... 

    $ 9.25 | 3 oz
  • Sliced Pancetta - 4 oz

    Sliced Pancetta - 4 oz

    Pancetta is often referred to as Italian bacon. However, unlike American bacon, which is most often smoked, pancetta is the unsmoked pork belly that is cured in salt and spices. Pancetta adds a distinctive pork flavor to pasta and several other dishes, without infusing into them bacon's smokiness.... 

    $ 5.50 | 4 oz
  • D.O.P. San Marzano Tomatoes

    D.O.P. San Marzano Tomatoes

    Only tomatoes grown in the region from seeds dating back to the original cultivar and according to strict standards may receive the elite Denominazione d'Origine Protetta (DOP) label. Nina D.O.P. San Marzano Tomatoes are well balanced and consistent in flavor when cooking. A little trick that we u... 

    $ 6.95 | 28 oz
  • Sicilian Style Sausage (Salsiccia) Mild

    Sicilian Style Sausage (Salsiccia) Mild
    Bottega DITALIA

    We collaborated with our friends at Lovera's, one of the finest sausage makers in the country, to craft our family recipe exclusively for DITALIA. Crafted with the highest quality 100% fresh pork cuts, imported pecorino romano cheese, ground fennel, spices and imported Italian wine. All of this with... 

    $ 6.95 | 16 oz
  • Pecorino Romano

    Pecorino Romano

    Locatelli is a brand name of cheese and Pecorino Romano is a variety of cheese. The Locatelli family began producing Pecorino Romano over 500 years ago in the Lazio region of Italy. Today, Locatelli Pecorino Romano is considered to be one of the finest Pecorino Romano's available. It is unique in... 

    $ 17.00 | 1 lb
  • Oven-Dried Figs with Barolo

    Oven-Dried Figs with Barolo
    I Peccati di Ciacco

    Blend of sweet whole figs flavored with Barolo, "the king of wines". Stupendous for wine dinners or used as a garnish for meat dishes or cheese plates. Ca di J'ami Piemontese Specialties is located in the village of Moneu Roero, in the Piedmont region of Italy. The area is world-famous for its wi... 

    $ 12.95 | 10.58 oz
  • Truffle Sea Salt

    Truffle Sea Salt
    Sabatino Tartufi

    Ground truffles are mixed with sea salt to create the perfect earthy seasoning. Excellent sprinkled over steaks, pasta, popcorn, and roasted and mashed potatoes. 

    $ 12.50 | 3.4 oz
  • Sliced Gourmet Pepperoni - 5 oz

    Sliced Gourmet Pepperoni - 5 oz

    The Gulf of Napoli inspired what has become an American-born favorite. Volpi Gourmet Pepperoni is aged at cooler temperatures for over 40 days, unlike most other companies that may age pepperoni at higher temperatures for 14 days. The result is a spicy and sweet smoky delight that will convince you... 

    $ 4.95 | 5 oz
  • Hand Formed Traditional Caciocavera

    Hand Formed Traditional Caciocavera

    Rich and buttery, Caciocavera is a cross between smooth mozzarella and the earthy depth of provolone. This table cheese is also wonderful melted on your favorite sandwich, pasta dish, and homemade pizza. 

    $ 7.25 | 8 oz
  • DOP Basil Pesto

    DOP Basil Pesto

    Pesto Genovese is the most famous pesto in all of Italy. At the heart of this recipe are four ingredients: D.O.P. Genovese Basil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pine Nuts, and Grana Padano Cheese. Earthy, yet bright, this pesto is perfect tossed with pasta and spread on paninis. 

    $ 11.95 | 6.35 oz
  • Sliced Genoa Salami - 4 oz

    Sliced Genoa Salami - 4 oz

    Volpi Genoa Salami, made famous by the ancient port of the same name, is made of extra lean pork and lightly seasoned with natural spices. This salami, with a classic taste of garlic, is stuffed in natural casings and slowly air-dried to perfection. A natural primo piatto (first dish), Volpi Genoa ... 

    $ 4.75 | 4 oz
  • Pomodoro Sauce

    NEW Pomodoro Sauce

    Our friends at Porano Pasta in St. Louis have a new sauce! Their house pomodoro sauce features ripe tomatoes and fresh basil. A splash of white wine and olive oil add additional depth. Adds a special touch to everyday pasta dishes. Great as part of a farro and roasted vegetable bowl!  

    $ 23.95 | 2 Piece Set
  • Tre Casi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2015 Harvest)

    Tre Casi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2015 Harvest)
    DITALIA and Communita dell'Olio Crastu

    The La Plena, Giaimo, and Zito families have made olive oil in the mountains of Madonie, Sicily for centuries. Their Olio Tre Casi is made from the rare U Crastu olive, which grows only on the cliffs of Madonie. Today, DITALIA is thrilled to bring this extra virgin olive oil to America for the first... 

    $ 32.95 | 17.6 oz
  • Hand Formed Aged Caciocavera

    Hand Formed Aged Caciocavera

    Everything great about provolone style cheese comes together in this hand-formed legend. Earthy and buttery with slight caramel notes and a nutty finish; Aged Caciocavera rides the line between subtle and bold. Flavor and texture meld into the savory experience of a raw Jersey cow's milk cheese. D... 

    $ 7.25 | 8 oz
  • Sliced Mortadella - 6 oz

    Sliced Mortadella - 6 oz

    Mortadella has its origins deeply rooted in the culinary capital of Italy – Emilia Romagna. It was first made by monks who pounded pork into a mortar and then stuffed the mixture into natural casings to be cooked in bread ovens. Today, Volpi continues this tradition by using only the finest ... 

    $ 3.50 | 6 oz
  • Luganega Slim Sicilian Style Sausage (Salsiccia) Mild

    Luganega Slim Sicilian Style Sausage (Salsiccia) Mild
    Bottega DITALIA

    We collaborated with our friends at Lovera's, one of the finest sausage makers in the country, to craft our family recipe exclusively for DITALIA. Crafted with the highest quality 100% fresh pork cuts, imported pecorino romano cheese, ground fennel, spices and imported Italian wine. All of this with... 

    $ 6.95 | 16 oz
  • Sliced Sopressa Salami - 4 oz

    Sliced Sopressa Salami - 4 oz

    Sopressata Salame originates from the Veneto region of Italy. Volpi's version is truly a masterpiece and mirrors the refined original from Italy. Using coarsely ground pork and a light seasoning, this Sopressata can stand alone for a classic antipasto or adds a perfect compliment to any sandwich. 

    $ 4.95 | 4 oz
  • Strained Tomatoes

    Strained Tomatoes
    La Bella San Marzano

    La Bella San Marzano tomatoes are grown in the "agro nocerino", "the area for D.O.P. San Marzano Tomatoes", however, Viscardi La Bella San Marzano is an independent company that follows the regulations of the BRC Global Standard, which many consider to have a higher standard compared to the D.O.P. ... 

    $ 4.25 | 24 oz
  • Sliced Prosciutto di Parma

    Sliced Prosciutto di Parma
    Ermes Fontana

    This is the real deal, Prosciutto di Parma sliced and ready to enjoy in a perfect 3 oz. pack. The slicing and packaging of Parma Ham can only be carried out in the Parma region under the watchful eyes of inspectors, guaranteeing slice after slice of authentic, quality product. The Parma Ham Consort... 

    $ 9.00 | 3 oz
  • Truffle Honey

    Truffle Honey
    I Peccati di Ciacco

    I Peccati di Ciaccio infuses classic millefiori honey with Italian black truffle to create this subtle, full-bodied honey. A flake of truffle is included in each jar. Trying using it as a glaze for roasted chicken or as a companion to your favorite cheese and bread. 

    $ 11.95 | 4 oz
  • Organic Fig Jam

    Organic Fig Jam
    Fior di Frutta

    Fior di Frutta Fig Jam is organic, non-GMO, Kosher certified and gluten free. Sweet and pleasant tasting Mediterranean figs sweetened with apple juice and pectin. You can simply spread on toasted bread for breakfast or a healthy snack. Excellent when paired with yogurts, cheeses (fresh and medium ... 

    $ 6.50 | 8.8 oz
  • White Truffle Olive Oil

    White Truffle Olive Oil
    Sogno Toscano

    Sogno Toscano have partnered up with a multi-generation family of truffle hunters: The Ongaro Family from Alba, Italy. Gianpaolo, the father, with his son Andrea and their 4 amazing truffle search dogs, have a very clear map of the woods near Alba and know it inside out. The extract of the truffles... 

    $ 26.50 | 8.5 oz
  • Acacia Honey

    Acacia Honey
    Mieli Thun

    Mieli Thun honey is produced in Trentino, a region of Italy known for its valleys full of flowers. Their Acacia Honey is only available in May, when honey bees freely pollinate blooming acacia trees. This rare honey is viscous with a distinctive straw-yellow color. With tasting notes of sugared al... 

    $ 14.75 | 8.8 oz
  • DOP Sundried Red Pesto with Genovese Basil

    DOP Sundried Red Pesto with Genovese Basil

    The most famous pesto is pesto genovese from the Liguria region of Italy. It is a carefully defended tradition, in fact sundried, red, pesto alla genovese from Liguria is D.O.P. protected, meaning only pesto made in a precise manner with fresh Ligurian DOP basil can carry the DOP label. Crafted ... 

    $ 11.95 | 6.35 oz
  • Traditional Caprino di Krebs (Soft Goat Cheese)

    Traditional Caprino di Krebs (Soft Goat Cheese)

    Caprino di Krebs brings all the goodness of goat's milk without a pungent "goaty" taste. Rich and creamy with a tart finish this Chevre style cheese is a full flavored treat. Riding the line between crumbly and spreadable, the Caprino di Krebs texture is addictive in and of itself. This versatile... 

    $ 5.95 | 4 oz
  • D'Aragona Spicy Chilli Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    NEW D'Aragona Spicy Chilli Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Frantoio D'Orazio

    Add a spicy kick to your collection with the 2016 harvest D'Aragona chilli pepper oil! Renown for their use of unique colors and patterns (evocative of the Puglia region) the masters at Frantoio D'Orazio have created an oil that is both versatile and showstopping. Use it as a finishing oil over past... 

    $ 19.95 | 8.5 oz

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