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Chef's Flour 00
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NEW Chef's Flour 00

(Caputo) - 2.2 lb

If you want to make a great tasting pizza in a home oven, without a professional pizza oven, this is the ingredient that will make the difference. Not all flours are made equal. With low gluten content, higher protein, this flour provides the "perfect stretch" for pizza. Excellent for pasta, cakes and breads too!

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Producer: Antimo Caputo

Molino Caputo has been milling the best flours since 1924 and today is considered the mill of Naples, Italy. Their process is simple: select the best wheat and mix it according to the ancient art of milling, grind the wheat slowly to not damage the starch and protein content, and use wheat and wheat along (no fillers).

Region: Campania

The Campania region evokes images of ancient ruins and dramatic seaside views. The landscape is punctuated by the towering figure of Mt. Vesuvius, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and scenic capital of Naples. Famous for its Neapolitan pizza, Campania is widely known for its fresh vegetables, pasta, and cheeses.

Soft wheat flour type "00"
The king of pizza flours
Aug 8, 2017  |  By Tom Sullivan
I am very wary of domestic flours because of what the industry has done to our flour (a bit of Monsanto phobia). Also, I can relate stories of folks traveling in Europe that while at home refrain from gluten products because of gastric distress but report no problem in Europe. So there is a something to be understood here. Okay, so I am also way into making pizza at home since I am so disappointed at what so called pizza emporiums serve. I have tried King Arthur's special Italian flour which is not bad but still no trophy. So I thought why not search out an imported Italian flour? Yeah why not. So I ordered Ditalia's Chef's Flour 00 and was I impressed. The texture and the taste are something special. Wow!! There is just no comparison. How often when eating a pizza do you toss the crust because it has no topping and no flavor? Well not anymore...the crust is just great and having drizzled a bit of olive oil at baking time it is packed with the delicate yet pleasing taste of real old country grain.

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