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Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Nocellara del Belice" Tin (2015 Harvest)
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Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Nocellara del Belice" Tin (2015 Harvest)

(Partanna) - 3 l

Produced by the Asaro Brothers Company in Partanna, Sicily, this oil is a first cold-pressed, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but it is also an early harvest (October), single-olive varietal (Nocellara del Belice), unfiltered oil. When the tins are first opened, the oil is cloudy with a green hue, herbaceous aroma and 'pizzicante' flavor. (Pizzicante is an Italian phrase that describes the strong flavor that grips the back of your throat and is characteristic of most Tuscan olive oils.) As the oil ages it will mellow slightly and become clearer as the sediment drops to the bottom of the tin. The colorful packaging is beautiful enough to leave on your countertop and makes a terrific gift!

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Producer: Asaro Brothers

Family-owned since 1916, the fourth generation of the Asaro family is continuing the commitment to bring our customers the highest-quality natural and organic Sicilian Olive Oil and Specialty Foods.

Region: Sicily

The largest of Italy's twenty provinces and the largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily sits just off the "toe" of Italy's boot. Monuments the island's rich history abound, from the famed Valley of the Temples to the immaculate Byzantine mosaics at Cappella Palatina. The cuisine here claims a number of influences from across the Mediterranean world -- Greek, Spanish, French and Arab have all at one point inhabited the island, infusing it with their respective culinary traditions.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained directly from olives solely by mechanical means
The only olive oil to use
Sep 9, 2016  |  By Tom
Excellent taste, great for cooking and eating. This oil is superior to the Tuscan blend. Very hardy olives and taste to go with them. I use for everything.
A great all-round oil
Jun 17, 2016  |  By Joe
I love this olive oil. It's a great value, very flavorful/aromatic, and versatile. It really does have a pronounced black pepper note to it. I've used it to make Arrabiata sauce, to saute, and dipped bread in it. In fact, I like using this for dipping oil even more than a "finer" finishing oil. A real winner.
smooth & buttery
Aug 3, 2010  |  By Joyce OBrien
Partanna beats the EVOO that we normally see available in the local Wisconsin grocery store. This brand is so smooth and silky!

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