4 Aperitivo Inspired Cocktails To Try Now

Aperitivo is the Italian Happy Hour. It is a name for a category of drinks that are enjoyed before dinner amongst family and friends. The flavors of Aperitivo are designed to refresh and cleanse palates. You’ll often enjoy crisp beverages like Aperol, Campari, prosecco, and vermouth and typical Italian flavors like bitter orange.

We’ve put our own spin on these aperitivo-inspired cocktails. Feel free to enjoy these refreshments in the early evening…or whenever you please!

Lemon Cocktail with Rum and Lemoncocco

When in Rome... with Rum

Fresh, Lemony, Invigorating 

3 oz Lemoncocco

3/4 oz Rum

1/2 oz Simple Syrup

1/2 Lime 

Lemoncocco is our new designated drink for summer. Inspired by the lemon and coconut stands on the streets of Rome and made with Sicilian lemons and coconut cream, the sweet and refreshing combination is perfect on its own or mixed with your favorite alcohol. This non carbonated drink pairs well with aperol, tequila, vodka, and more. For this recipe, we decided to use rum. Just fill your favorite cup up with ice, add ingredients, mix up, and enjoy!



Refreshing, Slightly Bitter

1 ½ oz Aperol

½ oz Gin

¾ oz lemon juice

3 oz San Pellegrino Chinotto

1 Toschi Candied Orange Peel

This cocktail is our twist on the classic Aperol Spritz. Just mix Aperol, gin, and lemon juice together and pour over San Pellegrino Chinotto soda. Chinotto soda adds a unique orange flavor that plays well with tart lemon juice.


Prosecco With A Kick



Classic, Elegant, Bubbly


1 dash cherry juice

1 Amarena cherry

You can never go wrong with a simple glass of prosecco and an amarena cherry. The cherry adds a lightly tart flavor you’re bound to love.


Almond Martini

Sweet, Sharp, Satisfying

1 ½ oz Vodka

¾ oz Lemon Juice

½ oz dry vermouth

½ oz Ferrara Almond Orzata Syrup

A perfect cocktail for the vodka lover. Ferrara Almond Orzata syrup adds a lightly sweet almond note to the classic martini. Shake the vodka, lemon juice, vermouth, and almond syrup together, pour, and enjoy the sweet, refreshing taste!

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