Discover Morgenster EVOO From South Africa

At DITALIA, we have always prided ourselves in bringing our customers the highest quality, artisan products. Each product we offer has a story. When Vince came across Morgenster EVOO, he knew this was a special olive oil that had to be shared. 

Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive Oil is estate bottled and produced in Stellenbosch, the acclaimed wine and olive growing region outside Capetown, South Africa. This olive oil is extremely unique in the fact that its flavor profile comes from a blend of fourteen varieties of Italian origin. This fruity blend gives us flavors of green tomatoes, artichokes, green apples, and almonds followed by a long peppery finish leaving us with a truly exciting and special tasting experience. 

Beyond its unique flavors, we couldn't help but be excited about the way this olive oil is produced.  Each variety is hand picked, pressed, and stored separately in stainless steel tanks. This allows the oil to settle much longer than other oils and separate naturally so there is no need for a filtration system. This not only makes this an extremely high quality oil, it also gives it a longer shelf life. (Not that this will last long in your kitchen!) It is then blended to provide the ultimate flavor profile and kept in pristine conditions until it is bottled to order.

In addition to the high quality process this olive oil goes through to be made into what it is, the location in which it is made is optimal for its production. The rocky soil in Stellenbosch allows for rain to run off quickly so no excess water remains in the olives which in turn means higher antioxidants. This coastal region also gives the olive trees a consistent sea breeze which slows down the ripening process. A slower ripening process ensures that these olives have enough time to develop. 

We hope you get the opportunity to try this special EVOO. The perfect compliment to meat dishes, pastas, vegetables, and even desserts! One of our favorite ways to taste test olive oils we find intriguing is simply with a piece of fresh bread. 

Try Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive Oil Today. 

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