Soft Limoncello, Lemon Peel and Almond Torrone Bar - 3.53 oz



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Experience the sublime blend of tradition and innovation with Dolciaria Sara's Tender Torrone Bar infused with Limoncello and Lemon Peel. This exquisite confection is a testament to the time-honored craft of the Sara family, nestled near Rimini in Italy, where artisanal torrone is an art form. Crafted with devotion and love, it is made from locally sourced organic honey, candied lemon peels, toasted almonds, and cage-free eggs, reflecting the pure essence of Italian flavors. This tender torrone, carrying the legacy of Nonna Anna's 100-year-old recipe, blends the refreshing zest of Limoncello and citrusy lemon peel, delivering a sensory delight that encapsulates the warmth and rich heritage of Italian confectionery. Indulge in the tradition and passion that has made Dolciaria Sara a symbol of excellence for generations, and savor the unparalleled taste of Italy in every tender bite.


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