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Biscottificio Belli Almond Cantuccini
The classic Tuscan biscotti, made with fresh almonds and flour. Crunchy, savory, and sweet, cantuccini is perfect with coffee or dessert wines like Vin Santo.

Volpi Prosciutto Americano
Volpi Prosciutto is made using the same old-world method as traditional Italian prosciutto ham from Emilia-Romagna, Italy. Crafted with all-natural pork from regional heirloom farms. 

Terre Di Puglia Cacio e Pepe Tarallini
Terre di Puglia Tarallini are snack-friendly, bite-sized versions of the classic Taralli cracker. Cacio E Pepe Tarallini are seasoned with black pepper and cheese, making these snacks the perfect companion to a glass of Italian lager or slices of Milano salami.

Villa Reale Seasoned Sundried Tomatoes in Oil
These Sicilian gems are sun-dried as opposed to oven dried. Authentic, Sicilian sun dried tomatoes take two to three days to dry which captures the true nature of the tomato and can be enjoyed year round.

Volpi Genoa Salame
Made of extra lean pork and lightly seasoned with natural spices. This salami, with a classic taste of garlic, is stuffed in natural casings and slowly air-dried to perfection.

Asaro Organic Castelvetrano Sicilian Green Olives
Castelvetrano Olives, grown in western Sicily, are well known for their vibrant green color and their sweet, buttery flavors. Subtle, rich, and a classic part of any antipasti spread.

Lemoncocco is inspired by the distinctive lemon and coconut stands found along the cobblestone streets of Rome. To create a new twist on this classic Roman drink, Jones mixes Sicilian lemon juice with a splash of coconut cream. The result is a non carbonated beverage that is delicious on its own or the perfect compliment to cocktails.

Levoni Milano Salame