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Casina Rossa Abruzzese Pomodoro Sauce
Estate made sauce from the heart of the Abruzzo region.  Fresh tomatoes, oregano, garden vegetables, and extra virgin olive oil.

Casina Rossa Vodka Pomodoro Sauce
A dash of vodka and cream, in a fresh tomato, vegetable and basil base strike a perfect harmony in this classic pasta sauce.

Casina Rossa Truffle Pomodoro Sauce
A traditional red pasta sauce handmade in small batches using fresh ripe tomatoes from Abruzzo and perfectly balanced with a rich flavor or truffle, garlic, and mushroom without an overpowering aroma.

Benedetto Cavalieri Tagliatelle Pasta
The hard durum wheat or semolina used is higher in protein than softer flour types, a result of careful slow drying in antique ovens. This pasta is passed through special bronze dies for a rough-textured surface to which sauce clings rather than slipping off. The result is a naturally nutty flavor that complements your favorite seafood, vegetables, and meat pasta dishes.

La Bella Angiolina Trofie Pasta
This Ligurian specialty is the classic companion to Pesto. Hand-rolling and slow air-drying give trofie pasta a unique firm texture and shape. Perfect with pesto or any fresh pasta sauce.

Frantoio D'Orazio Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Puglia)
Colorful and expressive, the artisans at Frantoio D'Orazio have created a classic extra virgin olive oil of Puglia! Using colors and patterns that evoke imagery of the Puglia region, the tin complements the vibrantly grassy and herbaceous D'Aragona extra virgin olive oil perfectly.

Frantoio D'Orazio Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Puglia)
Frantoio D'orazio's infused extra virgin olive oils bring together grassy, aromatic olive oil from Puglia with natural, infused flavors. From spicy chili pepper to bright basil, these infused olive oils are a simple way to bring some new flavors into your kitchen. Also great as a gift!