Porano Pomodoro Sauce

Porano's house pomodoro sauce features ripe tomatoes and fresh basil. A splash of white wine and olive oil add additional depth. Adds a special touch to everyday pasta dishes.


Anfosso DOP Pesto

Pesto Genovese is the most famous pesto in all of Italy. At the heart of this recipe are four ingredients: D.O.P. Genovese Basil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pine Nuts, and Grana Padano Cheese.


Casina Rossa Vodka Sauce

A dash of vodka and cream, in a fresh tomato, vegetable and basil base strike a perfect harmony in this classic pasta sauce.


Sogno Toscano 1923 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1923 is a raw unfiltered 100% Tuscan olive oil featuring hand picked olives from the estate of the Brembilla family, cold pressed, and packed in Italy.


I Sapori Dell'Arca Trofie Pasta

This Ligurian specialty is the classic companion to Genovese Pesto. Hand-rolling and slow air-drying give trofie pasta a unique firm texture and shape. Perfect with pesto or any fresh pasta sauce.


Vero Lucano Rigatoni Pasta

A small production, tube-shaped pasta from the heart of Matera, Basilicata made from durum wheat flour. Organic and non-GMO. 

Benedetto Cavalieri Tagliatelle Pasta

This is the ultimate tagliatelle. Made according to family tradition since 1800, Cavalieri's tagliatelli is able to retain any seasoning: thick or thin, The hard durum wheat or semolina used is higher in protein than softer flour types, a result of careful slow drying.


D'orazio Cavatelli Pasta

Cavatelli literally means "little hollows." This "ciccio dorazio" pasta comes from the mind of Francesco D'Orazio, or "Ciccio", who selected the best ingredients from the region of Puglia to make his version of this classic pasta.