Felicetti Monograno Matt Organic Fusilloni
Matt single origin durum wheat is a resilient and rich grain variety farmed in the sunny fields of Puglia and Sicily.  The Felicetti family of master pasta makers then crafts and dries the pasta using the air of the Dolomites, an invaluable ally that flows through rocks, forests and glaciers, capturing the very essence of the mountain before reaching the drying rooms at Felicetti.

Lovera's Old World Style Spaghetti Sauce
This recipe starts with whole garden-fresh tomatoes and is simmered for hours with garlic, onion, and a touch of spice. Perfect paired with any pasta, polenta, meatballs, or Italian sausage. A quick and easy dinner that tastes like you've been cooking all day!

Casina Rossa Green Olives with Lemon

Casina Rossa pairs green olives with fresh lemon and olive oil to create these brightly flavored snacking olive. Great in cooked dishes, served with sautéed fish, or dropped in a martini.

Volpi Genoa Salame
Volpi Genoa Salami, made famous by the ancient port of the same name, is made of extra lean pork and lightly seasoned with natural spices. This salami, with a classic taste of garlic, is stuffed in natural casings and slowly air-dried to perfection.

Volpi Hot Sopressata Salame
Volpi Hot Sopressata is truly a masterpiece and mirrors the refined original from Italy. A coarsely ground salame that is seasoned with red pepper and paprika and perfectly aged.  It can stand alone for a classic antipasto or add spice to any sandwich, grilled or cold.

Bottega DITALIA Amaretti Cookie Crumble Bark
This Bottega Ditalia specialty is made with authentic Amaretti cookies from Saronno, Italy, paired with a velvety 52% fair trade dark chocolate. The flavor is a delicate balance between bitterness and sweetness. Warning: Highly and Awesomely Delicious

Frantoio D'orazio Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Puglia)
Colorful and expressive, the artisans at Frantoio D'Orazio have created a classic extra virgin olive oil to add to your collection! Using colors and patterns that evoke imagery of the Puglia region, the tin complements the vibrantly grassy and herbaceous D'Aragona extra virgin olive oil perfectly.