Casina Rossa Bucatini Pasta

Bucatini is a classic cut of pasta from the Central part of Italy, but used throughout all of the regions now. Made with all natural Pugliese durum wheat and perfect with red sauces.


La Bella San Marzano Tomato Passata

La Bella San Marzano tomatoes are grown in the "agro nocerino", the area for D.O.P. San Marzano Tomatoes. A great foundation for any red sauce.  

Ortiz Sardines in Olive Oil

The Ortiz family's famous, 100-year old recipe. Sardinas a la antigua are cleaned by hand and aged in delicious extra virgin olive oil to deliver a truly unforgettable flavor.


Cuoco Condimento (2)

Cuoco Condimento per Pasta con Sarde is the classic topping and seasoning for this traditional Sicilian dish. It is made with sweet young Fennel, Sardines, Raisins, Onions, Oil and Spices. A perfect and convenient way to make your Pasta Milanese.

Sogno Toscano 1923 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1923 is a raw unfiltered 100% Tuscan olive oil featuring hand picked olives from the estate of the Brembilla family. Cold pressed and packed in Italy.