Tosteria di Modena "Wake Up" Espresso Blend

Antica Tosteria di Modena's "Wake Up" blend brings together 70% robusta and 30% wood-roasted arabica beans from South America, Central America, Indonesia, and India. Roasted in Modena, this coffee is very full-bodied and has an intense flavor and lovely crema. An energizing way to wake up in the morning!


Tosteria di Modena "Sublime Time" Espresso Blend

Antica Tosteria di Modena's "Sublime Time" features 100% wood-roasted Arabica beans from Central America, Central Africa, and the Horn of Africa. Roasted in Modena, this special arabica blend has a delicate acidity with floral tones and a spicy aftertaste.


Sartorelli Fette Dolci Crispy Cookies

Sartorelli's famed hazelnut biscotti thins are a crunchy variation on classic biscotti and are perfect dipped in rich espresso.