Volpi Genoa Salame

Volpi Genoa Salami, made famous by the ancient port of the same name, is made of extra lean pork and lightly seasoned with natural spices.  


Volpi Cured Dry Salsiccia

This Volpi classic is seasoned lightly with fennel. One of our favorites at DITALIA.


Volpi Hot Sopressata

A coarsely ground, spicy salame that is lightly seasoned and perfectly aged. 


Volpi Cacciatore Salame

A dry salame for those who love a bold flavor. Inspired by the Italian countryside.


Volpi Prosciutto Americano

Made using the same old-world method as traditional Italian prosciutto from Emilia-Romagna, Italy. Crafted with natural pork from regional heirloom farms.


Grissini D'oro Breadsticks

Crunchy, savory Grissini Breadsticks are a fun complement to your favorite cured meats.