Ditalia is an online store for Italian specialty foods and gifts. We ship specialty Italian food and gifts all across America. Everything from prosciutto and parmigiano reggiano to pasta and sauce.

The holidays are hectic, but fun. We are looking to hire a few seasonal workers at our fulfillment center in St. Louis, MO. You will be assisting in packaging and shipping. For some, this may be their first job. For others, it could be for extra cash for the holidays, or a potential long-term position offer in the New Year. Whatever the reason is, we will welcome you with open arms. No experience is necessary. Nearly everyone who works here started out as a part of the holiday crew.

We are excited to meet you and teach you all about our family and Italian foods.

What is the pay?
$15 per hour + a performance-based bonus at the end of the holiday season.

Are there any other perks?
Absolutely. All training is paid. All breaks are paid. Drink unlimited free freshly brewed Sicilian espresso coffee. Lunch is included. Our founder, Vincenzo, makes homemade lunch for our crew every day. Special friends and family discount on nearly everything we sell and some Ditalia swag.

What kinds of things do you do in this job?

  • There are a lot of jobs in the warehouse.
  • There are pickers who roam the warehouse to bring our packers the food items.
  • There are packers and checkers that check the contents of each package to make sure they are wrapped and packaged perfectly.
  • There are teams that are assembling gift baskets and boxes.
  • Plus, many, many more. 

Where is this job?
Ditalia warehouse is located 1401 South Boyle, St. Louis, MO 63110 (The Grove) 

What does it take to get hired in our Warehouse?
We don’t have many hoops to jump through for this job. There’s just one: you’ll need to be able to work at least a few shifts per week (9am - 5pm) up to and including the week before Christmas. 

  • For the month of November, we would need you to be available to work either a 4 hour or 8 hour shift Monday thru Friday (at least 3 days of the week). Shifts vary from 4 to 8 hours long. They start as early as 8am and end as late as 5pm.
  • For the month December, everyone works.  You’ll need to be able to work at least three shifts per week. We work 6 or 7 days per week. We welcome people who seek a full-time load of shifts and even want overtime (when the wage jumps to $22.50 per hour.) The shift options are much more diverse in December.

What skills are required for this job?

  • There’s absolutely no experience necessary to work with us. But there are a couple of things you’ll need to have to make this job work:
  • The strength and endurance to lift 20 - 50 pounds during your shift while bending and being on your feet.
  • English fluency.

Will I get full time work?
We aim to. You can expect part time hours at first. Full time hours come in December. Ditalia is continuing to grow every year and after the new year, we will evaluate the team to determine if we can invite someone on as full time or part time team member.

When does this job begin and end?
Work starts early November 2022. It ends on or around December 30th, 2022.

What kinds of personal traits fit well in this job?

  • You can take constructive criticism well. It doesn’t get you down. You say, “OK, got it,” and work to do better next time.
  • You can do repetitive work without totally zoning out.
  • You are punctual. Being late kind of drives you crazy.
  • You've got a deep well of relentless, outrageous enthusiasm & energy. Maybe you even love food. :)
  • You’re nice. (We’re nice too.)

Sound like you?
Please fill out the form below and we will contact you.

What's the hiring process like?
It’s quick. We don't have a typical interview for our holiday crew. We’ll ask you to come in to complete some paperwork. That’s it. When you’re done, you’ll leave knowing when to return for your first paid shift. You can choose a date. We can get you working within one week, usually sooner. We aim to get you working and paid as soon as you can.