Spezzatina Liquorice - 1.4 oz


Amarelli Spezzatina liquorice are small, slightly rounded crunchy bits of pure liquorice with a strong and bitter, long-lasting taste presented in a beautiful, Old World collectible tin. The Amarelli family established an assembly plant in 1731, in order to extract the juice from the liquorice plants that had grown alongside their land since the sixteenth century. Sap is extracted from it's roots whose therapeutic properties and superb aroma has been known for over 35 centuries.


    The Amarelli family of Rossano, Italy has been involved in licorice production since the 16th century. The current Amarelli plant was built in 1731, making it one of the oldest operating confectionaries in Italy. Today, Amarelli continues to produce candies, bastoncini and liquors from their estate-grown licorice roots.