Puro Tartufo Air Dried Truffle Flakes - 0.35oz


Casina Rossa harvests pure Abruzzo black truffles, then slices and air-dries them. Puro Tartufo Air Dried Truffle Flakes are a natural and simple way to integrate truffle shavings into your cooking routine. Simply rehydrate with water, broth, milk, cream or meat drippings and use in any special savory dish. 


    Casina Rossa began as a way for Nicola and Paola DeLaurentiis to share their love of fine Italian cuisine. In short time, the husband-and-wife duo gained a reputation for quality and care that now extends to a full line of delicious products. From antipasti to olives to pomodoro, Casina Rossa represents the best of Italian craft.

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