Harry's Hamper Gift Box | Set of 20



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True luxury is the search for simplicity, and the renewal of tradition with preservation. This is exactly what happens at the tables of Harry’s Bar, since 1931. This Gift Box honors the simple flavors, the ones that never get old, those that bring us back home and make us feel like children again.

- Organic Egg Pasta Tagliardi Cipriani with spinach 8.82oz
- Organic Egg Pasta Pappardelle Cipriani 8.82oz
- Egg Pasta Tagliolini Cipriani with 30% protein 8.82oz
- Organic Spaghetti Cipriani 17.64oz
- Organic Rigatoni Cipriani 17.64oz
- Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cipriani 0.13gal
- Virgin Bellini 6.08oz (x2)
- Harry’s - Indian Tonic Water 6,76oz (x2)
- Eloise - Mediterranean Tonic Water 6.76oz (x2)
- Hand Wrapped Panettone Cipriani 2.2lb
- Carnaroli Rice 35.27oz
- 2 Jams Cipriani - Apricot, Strawberry
- Cacao Chocolate Box (25pc)
- Harry’s Bar Cookbook
- Little Salt - Peanuts in Tin 5.29oz
- Little Salt - Cipriani Mix in Tin 5.29oz


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