Stringozzi all' Arancia (Stringozzi with Orange) - 17.6 oz


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This is a one of a kind, Stringozzi infused with orange essential oil and juice. This Umbrian knife-cut durum wheat pasta is similar to spaghetti but with a "shoelace" square cut. Stringozzi have a hearty structure, and a wholesome wheat flavor and citrus aroma. Incredible with seafood or duck, or simply tossed with lemon-infused extra virgin and Parmigiano.


    The Umbria region is often referred to as "Italy's green heart," and it's easy to see why. Its lush meadows and valleys are dotted with lively medieval villages, where farmers and artisans from across the region come to sell unique products like the Umbrian white truffle.


    Pasta artisan Libio Fratini started La Romagna over fifty years ago in Foligno, the provincial capital of Umbria. Now under its third generation of Fratini leadership, La Romagna has expended its lineup of premium pastas, incorporating the full diversity of delicious Umbrian ingredients.

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