Orange Blossom Honey - 8.8 oz


Mieli Thun honey is produced in April in Trentino, a region of Italy known for its valleys full of Orange Blossom trees. This honey has a distinctive saffron color and over time, crystalizes into a spreadable form. With tasting notes of orange blossom and vanilla bean, this honey is perfect as a glazed for salmon or as an accent a chocolate cake.


    When we think of Trentino, we think of the jagged peaks of the Dolomite mountains, impressive medieval castles, and rolling fields of rich green pasture. The cuisine here blends influences from both the Germanic and Italian worlds. From goulash to cornmeal polenta to sauerkraut, Trentino (pleasantly) challenged our notions of what Italian food could be.


    Andrea Paternoster inherited not only his grandfather's name, but also his passion for beekeeping. Since the early 90s Andrea has dedicated himself solely to the task of creating the finest mono-origin honeys in Italy, scouring the countryside to find the purest, uncontaminated stands available. This obsession has led to numerous international awards and the trust of families everywhere.
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