Perenzin Montasio


Only the richest milk from the surrounding pristine mountain pastures is used to make Perezin Montasio. Montasio is aged anywhere between 2 and 15 months. This particular hard version, Montasio Stravecchio (extra old), from Latteria Perenzin, is aged for both five and 15 months. While the five month-aged cheese still retains a bit of softness and a bright, milky flavor, the aged Montasio is especially intriguing -- its intensity is balanced out by mellow flavors. The extra aging gives Montasio a particularly aromatic flavor reminiscent of dried fruits, berries, grasses, and nuts with a tangy, almost citrusy mid-palate.


    There's more to this region than the snaking waterways and Byzantine mosaics of the capital -- Venetian cuisine is also a wealth of splendid surprises. From snackable cicchetti to savory rice and polenta, the food here is packed with flavor.


    The Perenzin family has been making cheese in the province of Treviso since the early 1900s. The quality of Perenzin cheese lies in the rotation of the cattle, careful selection of feed and shelter, and unparalleled commitment to preserving the surrounding pasture. The result is a selection of rich, full-bodied cheeses that speak to both the quality and the land and devotion of the Perenzin family.
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