1882 Espresso (Medium Grind) - 8oz


Vergnano Espresso is a perfect mix of tradition and innovation, with an emphasis and value placed in Quality. With a delicate flavor and rounded aroma, Vergnano 100% Arabica (the most prestigious type of coffee) is a finely balanced product created from the slow roasting of nine of the finest Arabica varieties. The low caffeine content makes it ideal to be drunk in the evening. The vacuum packaging ensures the fragrance, keeping it fresh at all times and increasing storability. The medium ground coffee is ideal for traditional Moka, French press and Filter consumption.


    The Piedmont region sits at the foot of the alps, bordering France and Switzerland. Its soaring mountains and rolling plains are home to some of Italy's most beloved cuisine, from egg-rich pastas to rich, salty cured meats. While food culture here is rooted in tradition, new and exciting variations are always just around the corner.

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