March 30, 2017

What would Easter Sunday be without the candies, the Easter bunny, or those colorful eggs? Easter is beloved for its longstanding traditions, but what’s most special is how these traditions vary from family to family, and place to place.

In Italy, Easter is called ‘Pasqua’ or “passover.” This holiday is typically celebrated with festivals, friends and, of course, delicious food. Great cakes, from graceful dove cakes to Sicilian Cassata are Italian Easter classics that are easy to add to your table!



Sicilian Cassata

Cassata is a delicious Sicilian cake well know for dressing bakery windows and feeding happy mouths on Easter. The name cassata is thought to stem from the Arabic word quas’at, meaning bowl. This cake was later adopted by 16th century nuns who, famous for their pastry skills, transformed it into a Sicilian staple. Today, you can find this cake served on Easter and on other special occasions like birthdays. Check out our recipe, courtesy of Silver Spoon Kitchen, and see how delicious it is for yourself! Jeweled with candied fruit and topped with sweet ricotta or fondant, this recipe makes a scrumptious, sweet, and show-stopping cake that’s perfect for Easter brunch!   




Filippi Traditional Colomba Cake

Still looking for something to satisfy that sweet tooth? Colomba cake may just do the trick. It is similar in taste to the renowned panettone, but this cake is beloved across Italy for its unique dove shape! This treat originates in the northern regions of Italy and is rumored to attract peaceful times. 

Today, it signifies the coming of spring and is a delicious treat to share with family and friends! Made with sweet candied oranges and Italian honey, this cake is perfect as a gift or as the centerpiece of your Easter table. Don’t forget to check out our awesome Sicilian spin on this traditional dish, made with love by the Fiasconaro family. A scrumptious mixture of hazelnuts, raisins, and sweet icing, it’s sure to be the hit of the party!

Taste Filippi Colomba



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