Plum Compote Spread - 7.5 oz



Experience the pure essence of hand-harvested plums from the rolling hills of Abruzzo with Podere Francesco's Plum Spread. This spread contains only one ingredient: fruit. With no added sugar or other additives, it offers a true taste of nature's bounty. The plums are harvested at the peak of ripeness, ensuring that their natural flavors are preserved. To maintain the integrity of the fruit's aromas and colors, the processing takes place in a vacuum with low-temperature cooking. This meticulous process results in a spread that captures the essence of ripe plums, making it a perfect addition to your pantry.

Enjoy the Plum Spread on its own or use it as a versatile ingredient in your cooking and baking. Whether spread on toast, paired with cheese, or incorporated into desserts, this spread is a delicious way to savor the flavors of Abruzzo's countryside.


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