Chocolate Chunk Cantucci Toscani - 7.05 oz



Experience the extraordinary with Fratelli Lunardi's Chocolate Chunk Cantucci cookies, a creation that's as unique as it is seductive. These delectable treats, handcrafted in the heart of Tuscany, are a testament to the artistry of the Lunardi brothers. The secret behind their remarkable taste lies in the special recipe where rich chocolate merges seamlessly with the crumbly Cantucci dough. What truly sets these cookies apart is the generous inclusion of large, irresistible chocolate chunks that elevate the tasting experience with each bite. One leads to another, and another, making it impossible to resist their allure.

Based in the heart of this iconic region, Fratelli Lunardi has been perfecting the art of traditional biscotti and cantucci for over half a century. Brothers Massimiliano and Riccardo Lunardi continue their family's legacy, sourcing the best local ingredients, including fresh butter, which adds just the right touch of softness to these cookies. Each bite is a journey to the heart of Tuscany, a place where flavors are as rich as the traditions they stem from.


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