Organic Trofie Ligurian Pasta - 17.6 oz



Made with the finest organic durum wheat semolina, Anfosso Ligurian Organic Trofie Pasta boasts a unique shape that captures the essence of Ligurian cuisine. Each piece is carefully rolled by into small, twisted shapes that are reminiscent of the region's coastal landscape. The result is a pasta with a delightful texture that perfectly holds sauces, ensuring a truly satisfying dining experience.

Whether paired with Anfosso's delectable sauces or enjoyed simply with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, Anfosso Ligurian Organic Trofie Pasta brings the flavors of Liguria to your table. Transport yourself to the vibrant coastal villages of Liguria as you savor each bite of this authentic, organic pasta. Elevate your meals with the taste of tradition and indulge in the pure goodness of Anfosso Ligurian Organic Trofie Pasta.


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