Tradizionale Vecchio DOP Balsamico of Modena (12 year) - 3.5 oz



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This 12 year-old balsamic is made with the same traditional techniques used for the Extravecchio. Each numbered bottle has a gold foil which is the Consorzio Seal of Guarantee. This product is D.O.P. and D.O.C. certified. Balsamico Vecchio is well balanced. Its taste is equally sweet and sour, complex and flavorful. Its color is dark and intense.

Acetaia Cattani is a 5th generation family owned balsamic producer in Modena, Italy. They have an unbridled passion for producing balsamic in the Modenese tradition, with sweet indigenous grapes from their vineyard in the Modenese hills. Since the 1980s, they have practiced organic agricultural methods in order to guarantee the highest quality for their grapes.


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