Amarena Toschi Black Cherries in Syrup



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Less sweet and more sour than what you may be used to from other amarena cherries. These sour amarena cherries by Toschi are carefully selected and pitted from the Vignola mountains of Italy (Emilia-Romagna) every July. A perfect balance of refined flavors creating a well-rounded tasting profile. Toschi Amarena cherries are fantastic spooned over ice cream, cake, pastries and other desserts. The real treat is when you use them in your favorite cocktails as well, from Prosecco to a traditional Manhattan. Available in an iconic and classic opaline jar featuring the red vines of Toschi, as well as a larger size tin. Gluten Free. For Vegan and Vegetarian.

Established in 1945, Toschi is one of the most distinguished and accomplished authentic Italian brands specializing in creating the finest and top-notch products with the fruits of Italy.


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