Solo di Bruno Parmigiano Reggiano (Brown Cow) 24 month



Gian Domenico Serra and his children, Giovanni, Antonietta, and Nicoló, oversee the dairy and uphold traditional production methods. Their dairy is among the four dairies forming the Consorzio di Sola Bruna, committed to crafting Parmigiano Reggiano exclusively from the milk of Brown Cows. Recognizing the distinct richness of Brown Cow milk, the Consorzio safeguards products made solely with this milk, with each Brown Cow registered and every wheel stamped with the Consorzio's logo. Parmigiano Reggiano di sola bruna is renowned for its nutritional richness, delicate sweetness, and sought-after excellence, serving as a case study for universities and institutions. The cheese boasts a sweet, delicate taste and a golden-yellow paste, reflective of the farm's 400-hectare expanse.

Valserena, with its history dating back to 1879, breeds Bruna Alpina cows and produces cheese. Bruna Alpinas were first introduced in Italy in the 1500s and are prized for the harmonious balance of their milk, valued for its nutritional benefits. Among 395 Parmigiano Reggiano-producing farms, only four are dedicated to producing Brown Cow Parmigiano Reggiano, highlighting the exceptional dedication and quality upheld by Valserena. Valserena is one of the last farmstead producers of this PDO cheese, meaning they grow the feed, raise the animals, and make these cheese all at their farm.


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