Fiore di Sardegna Pecorino Cheese - 9 oz. wedge



Introducing Fiore di Sardegna, a remarkable sheep's milk cheese crafted by the renowned master cheesemakers, the Villecco Family, in the heart of Sardinia. This cheese has been a favorite of local shepherds since the 18th century, and for good reason!

Made from rich, whole sheep's milk aged for 4 months, Fiore di Sardegna has a firm and dense texture. As you savor this cheese, you'll notice a buttery and nutty flavor that finishes with a subtle sharpness. The mildly-sheepy flavor reflects the indigenous herbs and grasses that the sheep graze on, creating aromatic notes that are truly unique to this cheese.

Fiore di Sardegna is a wonderful alternative to Spanish Manchego. It pairs perfectly with a glass of red wine or a slice of crusty bread. This cheese is a versatile ingredient and can be used in a variety of dishes, from pasta to salads to pizzas.


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