Cantucci Toscani IGP with Almonds - 7.05 oz



Discover the Tuscan tradition with Fratelli Lunardi IGP Almond Cantucci cookies, a timeless delicacy that encapsulates the heart of Italy's sweet dolce heritage. Crafted with a crumbly dough and generously studded with crispy almonds, these Cantucci Toscani PGI offer a unique and delicious flavor.

Slightly crunchy, they are the classic, yet extraordinary, Cantucci Toscani PGI. Each bite transports you to the picturesque landscapes of Tuscany, where the flavors of these almond-studded delights have been cherished for centuries. Whether enjoyed with a morning coffee, afternoon tea, or as a sweet finale to your evening, Fratelli Lunardi's Almond Cantucci cookies promise a genuine taste of Italy, inviting you to savor a piece of Tuscan history with every delightful crunch.


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