Crumbly Lemon Cantucci Toscani - 7.05 oz



Let the sunshine into your taste buds with Fratelli Lunardi's Lemon Cantucci cookies – a symphony of zest, lightness, and pure delight that will make your taste buds sing! Handcrafted with love in the heart of Tuscany, these biscotti feature a crumbly Cantucci base harmoniously paired with tender cubes of Italian lemon. What truly makes these cookies a distinctive treat is the addition of candied lemon chunks that burst with citrusy flavor in every bite.

Whether enjoyed as a delightful standalone snack or dipped into your morning cappuccino or evening dessert wine, Fratelli Lunardi's Lemon Cantucci cookies capture the essence of sunny Italy. With over half a century of experience in crafting traditional biscotti and cantucci, brothers Massimiliano and Riccardo Lunardi continue their family's legacy by sourcing the finest local ingredients, including fresh butter, to ensure each cookie boasts just the right touch of softness. These Lemon Cantucci cookies are a delightful journey to the heart of Tuscany, where flavors are as bright as the sun that graces its rolling hills, and a testament to the rich traditions that define Italian gastronomy.


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