Organic Maccheroni Pugliesi Pasta - 14.1 oz



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Maccherone Pugliese, much like tubular pasta, this type is able to hold a lot of your yummy sauce in its hollow center. And it is especially perfect for savory meat sauces. Yes, to catch as much of those delectable tomato or cream sauce in one bite. In addition to that, these lovely, twisted pasta strands can make beautiful pasta dishes for special occasions or simple family dinners. They can even be perfect gifts for Italian cuisine or pasta enthusiasts.

Our house brand, Bottega Ditalia, organic Italian pasta is made by Pastificio Marella which is located in the heart of Puglia (the old Magna Grecia) in the province of Bari in the "heel" of Italy. Marella, an entirely family run company, is renowned throughout Italy as one the finest producers of traditional Apulian handmade pastas. While industrial pasta factories use a more resistant Teflon-coated steel die, pastas produced at the Marella Factory, or "Pastificio Marella", are extruded through a bronze die, giving the pasta a rough texture to better hold sauce. The pasta is dried slowly at a low temperature for three to four days, yielding a uniquely flavored pasta that expands when cooked. The result is a wonderful aroma and texture superior to rivaled artisan and handmade pastas.


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