Basilico "Basil and Tomato" Sauce - 19.4 oz



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Italianavera's Tomato Sauce with Fresh Basil is a delightful addition to your pasta dishes, elevating even the simplest spaghetti into a gourmet experience. Handmade and slow-cooked in small batches, this sauce embodies the essence of Italian cooking. Using only the freshest, natural ingredients sourced from Italy, it boasts a vibrant color and a bright, authentic flavor that is sure to impress.

Founded by Diana Attianese, Italianavera is a pioneering, female-owned company nestled in the San Marzano DOP area, renowned for its exquisite tomatoes. Diana's childhood in the region inspired her to share the authentic flavors of her upbringing with the world. Keeping her family's tradition alive, she crafts her sauces using San Marzano tomatoes and other local varieties, blending fresh, pure flavors with beautiful packaging. Italianavera's commitment to quality and tradition shines through in every jar, bringing the taste of Italy to your table.


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