Yellow Pummarulella Yellow Tomatoes in Water - 18.3oz



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Italianavera's "Pummarulella" Yellow Cherry Tomatoes are a culinary gem grown in the rich volcanic soil near Mount Vesuvius. Characterized by their bright golden color and soft, creamy flavor, these tomatoes are rich in vitamins and pectin. Their natural sweetness and tender texture make them an ideal base for a variety of Mediterranean dishes, particularly those featuring fish and seafood.

These tomatoes belong to the "giagiu" variety, traditionally cultivated in Campania. The mineral-rich volcanic soil imparts a unique flavor to the tomatoes, making them stand out in any dish. For a delicious Mediterranean-inspired meal, try grilling fresh tuna and combining it with a sauce made from these tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, anchovies, capers, and garlic. Serve over penne pasta for a delightful and authentic Italian dining experience.


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