Pandoro with Zabione Cream - 2.2 lb



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Indulge in the luxurious Loison Pandoro Cake with Zabaione Cream, a true masterpiece that marries tradition and sophistication in every delectable bite. Crafted with the utmost care, this artisanal Pandoro boasts a soft, golden-yellow dough that's been naturally leavened through a patient 72-hour process, starting with a sourdough mixture. The result is an exceptionally soft and digestible sweet, boasting a unique aroma and flavor profile, thanks to the infusion of natural Mananara vanilla from Madagascar, a coveted Slow Food Presidium. Made with fresh, high-quality ingredients like free-range Italian eggs, milk, cream, and mountain butter, this Pandoro embodies the essence of Italian culinary excellence.

What truly sets this Pandoro apart is its sumptuous filling of frothy zabaione cream, an egg-based delight with origins in ancient Turin, enriched with sweet, fortified wine. The Pandoro's soft, butter-rich dough harmonizes flawlessly with the creamy, sweet zabione filling, delivering a symphony of textures and flavors that caters to both traditional and refined palates. To complete the experience, a light sprinkling of icing sugar, included in the package, can be added at the time of serving, adding a delightful finishing touch to this culinary masterpiece. Elevate your dessert table and delight your guests with the irresistible charm of Loison's Pandoro with Zabaione Cream.


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