Carrot and Onion Tomato Sauce - 9.88 oz



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Anfosso Carrot Sauce is a delightful culinary creation crafted with simple, high-quality ingredients sourced from the picturesque region of Liguria. This sauce is a harmonious blend of ripe tomatoes, lightly sautéed carrots, and onions, all elevated with the richness of extra virgin olive oil. Seasoned lightly with salt and parsley, it embodies the essence of Ligurian flavors.

Indulge in this sauce as a versatile companion to your favorite dishes. Whether it's a hearty pasta dish, a flavorful vegetable medley, or a savory meat accompaniment, Anfosso Carrot Sauce is sure to delight your taste buds with its simplicity and irresistible flavor. Experience the taste of Liguria with Anfosso Carrot Sauce and savor the pure goodness of the region's finest ingredients.


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