DOP Basil Pesto - 6.35 oz


Pesto Genovese is the most famous pesto in all of Italy. At the heart of Anfosso's Genovese Basil Pesto are four ingredients: DOP Genovese Basil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pine Nuts, and Grana Padano Cheese. Earthy, yet bright, this pesto is perfect tossed with pasta and spread on paninis.


    This crescent-shaped region of northwest Italy is home to the glamorous riviera and the colorful fishing villages of the Cinque Terre. Known for simple, fresh flavors, Pesto alla Genovese is a prominent feature of Ligurian cuisine.


    Since 1945, Anfosso has been committed to producing pesto and extra virgin olive oil according to western Ligurian culinary traditions.
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