Semola Rimacinata "Durum Wheat Semolina" - 11 lbs. (5kg Bag)



Caputo Semola Rimacinata flour is a type of durum wheat semolina flour that is used to make traditional Italian pasta. Durum wheat is a type of hard wheat that has a high protein content, making it ideal for pasta production because it gives the pasta a firm texture and allows it to hold its shape when cooked. Semola Rimacinata is a finer type of semolina flour that has been re-milled several times for a fine grind and sifted to remove any bran particles. It is a popular choice for making pizza crusts, as well as fresh pasta, bread, and other baked goods. The Caputo brand is known for producing high-quality flours that are used by many professional pizza makers and home bakers alike.


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